Why do stories sell?

Storytelling is essential in sales because it helps create an emotional connection with the customer, making them more likely to remember and relate to the product or service offered. It also helps to differentiate a product or service from its competitors by highlighting unique features or benefits. Additionally, storytelling can help build trust and credibility with the customer, making them more likely to purchase.

Best practices in storytelling

Some best practices for using stories in sales conversations include:

  1. Make sure the story is relevant to the product or service being sold and the customer’s needs.
  2. Keep the story simple and easy to understand, using clear and concise language.
  3. Use specific details and examples to make the story more compelling and believable.
  4. Use storytelling to highlight the product’s or service’s unique features or benefits rather than simply listing them.
  5. Use storytelling to build trust and credibility by sharing customer testimonials or success stories.
  6. Use storytelling to create an emotional connection with the customer by highlighting how the product or service can help them to solve a problem or achieve a goal.
  7. Use storytelling as a way to summarize your main points and to help close the sale, or meeting.
  8. Practice your storytelling skills and ensure your story flows well and rehearses well.
  9. Listen to customers’ feedback and tailor the story to their needs and interest.
  10. Use storytelling to overcome objections and address any concerns the customer may have.

VIDEO: How to Structure an Effective Sales Story

Stories sell, yet only if they are appropriately structured. In this 5 minute discussion, we asked expert sales storyteller Mike Adams how to structure our accounts to ensure they are most effective. Mike provides simple yet powerful guidelines to apply to your sales stories.

VIDEO: The magical science of Storytelling

Why is Storytelling so powerful? And how do we use it to our advantage? Presentations expert David JP Phillips shares key neurological findings on Storytelling and, with the help of his own stories, induces in us the release of four neurotransmitters of his choice. Learn more in this 2nd TEDxStockholm talk of David’s.

VIDEO: Business Story Telling

Strategic Storytelling for business, leadership, sales, marketing, fundraising, and branding. This video is to learn about a credibility story and the different types of stories that matter to prospects.

Updated on February 11, 2023

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