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Implementing Solutions

It’s vital to think about the implementation. When buyers make a purchase decision, their commitment to your organization begins.

Here are some ideas and best practices to help you carry momentum beyond the deal close into your product or service adoption.

Sell through the implementation.

When buyers make a purchase decision, their commitment to your organization begins.

As a salesperson, setting expectations correctly early in the sales process is just as important as implementing your solution.

As an organization, the goal is:

Deliver the solution as expected and
meet the needs and requirements of the client

Driving Adoption – Best practices

  • Creating a smooth engagement with an appropriate time to transition from “buying” to “implementing” is paramount to success.
  • Make sure you’re focused on making the solution work, not just selling it.
  • Work with customer stakeholders to understand their metrics for success (i.e., how will they measure us?).
  • Ensure expectations are fair, attainable, and in line with industry standards or your company’s customer experience
  • Collaborate on implementation activities with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Customer Success and AE should collaborate on the solution implementation journey to achieve the customer/project expectations.
  • As the contract and deal are negotiated, the sales team will typically start thinking about how to launch and implement.
  • Meetings should include the right AEs and technical resources to give the prospect confidence.
  • Help coordinate an internal cadence of implementation discussions with customer success team members.
  • Help others on the implementation team understand the client’s background and motivation for change.  Also, ensure any commitments or agreements to attain specific results are clear.
  • Recap key value propositions discussed through buyer conversations.
  • Assign internal implementation tasks and ensure team members are aligned with the buyer’s team members involved in getting started
  • Define a roadmap with Customer Success for education to ensure customer stakeholders can successfully adopt and leverage the solutions
  • Share the customer’s journey and roadmap of decision-making with others in your organization.
  • Establish and maintain an implementation cadence of meetings with key client stakeholders.
  • Revalidate the scope and timeline of implementation with the customer
  • For standard or simple solutions or products, a Customer Success Manager can lead the transition with updates provided to the AE as defined in the hand-off discussions
  • Communicate timeline and status updates before any meetings
  • Reconfirm and establish the scope and timeline of implementation and any professional services with the new customer
Updated on June 27, 2023

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