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Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

Your Ideal Customer Profile represents the types of companies you want to work with most. It is a combination of the demographic and firmographic qualities that make a specific company most likely to purchase your product/service and most likely to get value from it. Remember, your Ideal Customer Profile is not anybody you can sell to. It is the customer you want to sell to because they are more likely to stick around beyond their initial contract, experience quantifiable value, and sing your praises with case studies, testimonials, and referrals. The customer will also yield a contract value of more than your outbound minimum deal size.  

  • Which companies have the problem I solve?  
  • Where do they need to be based? 
  • Do they need to be using specific technology? 
  • What happens to them before they need a solution?  
  • What happens to them before they are willing to pay for an external solution? 
  • Do they need to be a specific size? Revenue?  
  • Do they need to have a particular business model or functional departments? 

You may have more than one ICP. This means there is more than one segment of your target market that you’d like to work with. When segmenting your ICP, ask yourself this question:  

What is the biggest group of customers in this target market that I could reach out to with precisely the same message, and that message would resonate?  

If you’d approach your value proposition differently or mention a different pain point with one group than another, they are two different segments. You can segment your market based on many things, including: 

  • Industry 
  • Revenue 
  • Company Headcount 
  • Last Funding Round 
  • Geography 
  • Use Case 
  • Buyer Persona 
  • Account by Account 
  • Their Customers  
  • Triggers 

Updated on June 27, 2023

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