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How to Create a User?

Using this section, you can create users for the Salesfuse application. Associating the desired roles to each user, you can build a hierarchy segregated into access levels.

  1. Upon landing on the Home screen, navigate to the left-hand menu.
  2. From the list of options available, hover on the Users icon. This reveals a further list of options.
  3. Click Create User from these options. This opens the Salesfuse Create User.
  1. Here, a user is created following a series of steps that include User Info, User Photo, and System Role. Let us take a detailed look into each one.

User Info

  1. In this step, a number of fields aid recording basic details of the user you are adding.
  2. Use the First Name field to enter the first name of the user.
  1. Enter the last name of the user in the Last Name field.
  1. Create a username for the user using the Username field.
  1. Enter the email address with which you want to register the user using the Email field.
  1. Create a password for the user account using the Password field.
  1. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the Confirm Password field.
  1. Use the Phone Number field to enter the contact number of the user.
  1. Enter the title for the user using the Designation field.
  1. Once the required information is recorded, click the Next button.

User Photo

  1. This step facilitates uploading an image for the user profile you are creating.
  2. Here, click the Choose File button. Doing so opens your system storage so that you can select the required image file. This step is optional and not required to add a user.
  1. Once the image is uploaded or if skipping, click the Next button.

System Role

  1. This is the final step of user creation. Here, you associate a system role to the user you are creating so that the level of access privileges in the application are defined. See “How to Create a System Role” for help.
  2. Choose the required system role from the User’s System Role dropdown.
  1. Once selected, click the Create User button. This creates the user and it is displayed in the Users List.
Updated on April 25, 2023

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