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How to Access the Home Page?

  1. A successful login takes you to the Home page. In case you are on a different tab, click the icon located on the top-left corner of the screen to access the home page.
  1. Here, the stats regarding all the plays, narratives, and templates that have been created are displayed  (if not created yet your page should be blank).
  2. The page starts off with the Play Status table. In this table, the status of each play is tabulated via a number of columns that include Play Name, Play Status, Team, Product Category, Start Date, and End Date.
  3. Moreover, clicking the icon from the end of a row takes you to the details of the selected play.
  1. The next container includes the stats for the created narratives displayed via a bar chart. In this chart, the count of narratives created is mapped against the type of Collector. Hovering over a bar displays the count for the specific Collector type.
  1. The Templates Created container is similar to the Narratives container. The only difference here is that the count of created templates is mapped against each template category.
  1. Next up is the quarter-wise breakdown of the narratives created. Here, narratives created by each Collector type are tabulated for each quarter.
  2. Similarly, the count of created templates for each template category during the past 4 quarters is tabulated for each quarter in the Past 4 Quarters templates table.
  3. Moving on, the Top Narrative Creators table displays the stats via a couple of columns that include Creator Name and Narrative Count.
  4. Another table created in a similar manner comes next i.e. the Top Template Creators.
Updated on April 10, 2023

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