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How to Access System Role List?

  1. Upon landing on the Home screen, navigate to the left-hand menu.
  2. From the list of options available, hover on the System Roles icon. This reveals a further list of options.
  3. Click System Role List from these options. This opens the System Role List where all the existing system roles are listed.
  1. Information for each system role is tabulated via a number of columns that include System Role Name, Permissions, Status, and Action.
  1. A search bar at the top-left corner allows you to search for a specific record.
  1. You can edit or delete an existing role by clicking the pencil and trashcan icons respectively. These icons are located under the Action column.
  1. In case you do not see this icon under the column, it means that the role has been created by a user having access privileges greater than you.
  1. To create a new role from here, click the +Create New System Role button. This opens the same Salesfuse System Role Creation Wizard that we explained in the How to Create a System Role? article.
Updated on April 10, 2023

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