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The POV (Point Of View) section brings together the components from all of the collectors that were created thus far and brings your message into a tailored point of view.

How to Access the POV Section?

  1. Upon successful login, navigate to the left-hand menu.
  2. From the options listed here, click the icon. Doing so reveals the list of components in the Collector.
  3. Select POV. This takes you to the POV List screen.
  1. Here, the existing POVs are listed and their information is displayed via POV and Action columns.
  2. You can use the search bar at the top-left corner to search for a specific POV and the action buttons under the Action column for editing and deleting a completed POV. Moreover, you have the option to filter the messages by Industry, Role, and Product by using the drop-down menus in each area.
  1. To make changes to an existing POV such as add or delete items to any of the Collector Point Of View, select the edit option – pencil icon –  under the “Action” column on the right-hand side for the POV you wish to edit. From there, this will take you to the Collector Point Of View screen. Go to the section(s) you wish to edit. Be sure to save the changes you’ve made with the button. Hitting the will take you back to the POV List section.

How to Create a POV?

  1. Once on the POV List screen, click the +Add New POV button.
  1. As a result, you land on the Collect: Point of View screen. A POV is recorded like a narrative.
  2. Here, use the When (industry trend) dropdown to select the industry trend for the POV.
  3. Select the role using the People in the (Role) dropdown.
  4. Use the radio buttons under the POV Altitude heading to select the POV altitude.
  5. Select the struggles faced by people in the selected role using the Often Struggling With dropdown.
  6. Select the problem the product addresses from the When Trying To dropdown.
  7. Select what the people in the selected role need to do to be successful using the To be successful, they need to dropdown.
  8. Select the product being offered using the So we help them with dropdown.
  9. Select the product subscription from the And dropdown.
  10. Select product benefits from the So they can drop down and choose from Please Select Product Benefits field.
  11. Once the required selections are made, click the button and confirm with the Confirm Save Changes popup button.
  12. This adds the new POV to the POV List.

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Updated on April 14, 2023

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