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10 Vital Actions to Sell Today

As a seller, you must accomplish your objectives to drive revenue, land new business, and expand existing account relationships. These sales objectives require ten crucial actions for you to be successful.

You Must Target the Right Buyers

1. Understand the campaign

  • What is the purpose of the campaign, and what is the “ask” of you
  • What is the definition of success, and who are you supposed to target?
  • What industry and solution
  • What buyer role (human) and where are they in their buyer journey?

2. Prepare to engage prospects

  • Identify a list of prospects or accounts to the “right buyers.”
  • Take a disciplined approach to executing the play.
  • Tools: Ideal client profile, ideal company profile, buyer role profiles

You Must Gain Access to the Right Buyers

3. Interact with those prospects to generate interest

  • Prospects in new logos and prospects within existing customers or user base
  • Tools: Call planning template and guidance

4. Convert those interactions into curiosity to secure an initial meeting

  • Prospects agree to meet
  • Tools: thought leadership and

You Must Have Successful Meetings with The Right Buyers

5. Conduct exploratory calls

  • Tools: Business discovery questions

6. Conduct discovery calls

  • Tools: Technical discovery and feasibility questions

You Must Create a Shared Vision with the Right Buyers

7. Create a buying vision with multiple buyer stakeholders

  • Tools: Navigating agreement networks, buyer value chain, Discovery question bank

8. Qualify buyers

  • Tools: MEDDPICCC, with a focus on identifying the pain (I), and looking for clues on the rest of MEDDPICC

You Must Build a Business Case

9. Handle objections and competitive pressures

  • Tools: Objection handling and battle cards

10. Quantify the business impact and value of your company

  • Tools: Platforms like decisionlink, or ROI calculators
Updated on June 27, 2023

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